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A Community Garden in Berlin Friedrichshain


From now, we’ll meet every Monday (18h) for common gardening at Jessnerstraße!

We hold regular meetings on the 7th of each month. In order to get in touch with us, join in or get to know us, please just come to one of these meetings. Alternatively, it is also quite likely that there will be someone in the garden in Jessnerstr. so just drop by and see us there. Since the gates are not locked the garden is always accessible to the public.

Rosa Rose continues to grow!

A Community Garden in Berlin-Friedrichshain.

... a garden for everyone ...

We want to facilitate urban gardening independent of ownership structure, and without means. On a public green area at Jessnerstraße we grow vegetables, fruits and ornamental plants; yet there is enough space to bum around on the meadow or to have a barbecue. The free use of the garden is assured by a contract with the borough office.

Everyone who wants to take part is warmly invited - just drop in at the garden! During the gardening season we often meet in the evenings for common gardening.

Please research our website ahead of journalistic requests.

Rosa Rose 3.0

Access via Jessnerstraße 3 or 13 - 10247 Berlin -

After the foundation on a private fallow area on Kinzigstrasse in 2004, the expulsion by investors (2008 + 2009), and a wintry intermezzo on a Liegenschaftsfonds space (2009/2010), a new chapter of Rosa Rose began on the green space on Jessnerstrasse in April 2010. Through these places, parts of the group and the plants have also been renewed. What remains is the idea of a communal garden, a garden of all, and for everybody. We had to clear our goals with private investors, with the Berlin Liegenschaftsfonds, and now with the local Bezirksamt, and we were met with varying success.

Through these stages, Rosa Rose’s own history has repeated a trend which is entirely typical for the international town garden movement. Many gardens begin as guerrilla gardens in local neighborhoods, and many of them are destroyed sooner or later by force. In spite of this unfortunate history, a strong neighbourhood cohesion has built up over time for the Rosa Rose. Rosa Rose became a frequent object of academic study, as well as the subject of press reporting. This has paved the way for the recognition of our civic engagement, and it is now partly responsible for the negotiation of a institutionalized solution (yet with the borough administration only).

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